Services include: 

*Lot Grading, Cleaning and Haul Off*Concrete Repair
*New Asphalt Paving Additions *Block Work
*Asphalt Overlay of Existing Pavement  *Underground Work
*Asphalt Repair or Remove & Replace   *Parking Canopies
*Seal Coat Existing Pavement *Outdoor Lighting
*Fill Cracks in Existing Worn Pavement *Outdoor Painting
*New Curb, Sidewalk or Slabs  *Striping
*Concrete Removal and Replacement           *Signage

Often when a property manager, facility manager or owner would like to make repairs or improvements to their landscaping or parking lot, they will seek out multiple contractors or subcontractors to perform each individual task associated with these areas. Why deal with several when you need only to deal with one?

At Sharp Creek Contracting, we take care of everything from the building exterior to the street.  With one call to us we can manage it all, saving you valuable time and money.

“Sharp Creek makes projects work! Most contractors do what is written on the plans, but Sharp Creek goes above and beyond to insure what is on the plans is what really needs to be done to do the job right!”

- Fred Moll, Chief Estimator
LGE Corporation
Above Everything, Quality!