As one of Arizona’s oldest grading and paving contractors in Phoenix, RoBil Contracting Company became Sharp Creek Contracting, Inc. in 2004. RoBil’s original owners retired and sold their assets to the next generation. However, more than just assets were purchased.  Sharp Creek has continued the tradition of quality construction that has earned them respect not only from their clients, subcontractors, and suppliers but from their competitors as well.

Sharp Creek Contracting specializes in the grading and asphalt paving of small to midsize commercial projects, architectural renovation and any general contracting services that go from the building exterior to the street. 

  • BBB
  • ADOT Certified DBE
  • ADOT Certified SBC
  • Federal SBA

ROC License:  184941-KA

“I have worked with the family for years and have always been happy with the projects Sharp Creek has done. Sharp Creek is made of good outstanding citizens and they always do a great job!”

- Fred Matricardi, Owner,
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Above Everything, Quality!