“Of all the grading & paving contractors we have used, Sharp Creek is by far the BEST! Sharp Creek’s quality and desire to do a good job is something they strive for all the time.”
- Frank Pettit, VP of Construction
LGE Corporation

Above Everything, Quality!
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“I have worked with the family for years and have always been happy with the projects Sharp Creek has done. Sharp Creek is made of good outstanding citizens and they always do a great job!”

- Fred Matricardi, Owner,
 A to Z Equipment Rentals and Sales

“We really enjoy working with Sharp Creek. They always take the extra care to look out for their client’s best interest.” 

- Brett Creaser, Senior V.P./CFO
Speedie & Associates

“Sharp Creek is a very good contractor. They are competitive, work quickly, and do a great job! Unlike other contractors, with Sharp Creek I never had a punch list for a completed job.”

- Jeff Sutherland
 The Mack Company

“Sharp Creek makes projects work! Most contractors do what is written on the plans, but Sharp Creek goes above and beyond to insure what is on the plans is what really needs to be done to do the job right!”

- Fred Moll, Chief Estimator
LGE Corporation